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  1. Miss you kid ..... always in our thought x
  2. Play it all the time in the car Got a bit of everything for me in that mix .... good times, great memories :dancer:
  3. Just leave some room in your boot for the bbq and your utensils :u:
  4. .... and probably back to ours after :u:
  5. Any update on a bus ? I take it there is none ?
  6. Good idea m8 .... your the man in the know about who might go .... all I can say is that we will have some legends of our scene playing that night
  7. You'll find out on the night :wink: aww ... you'll be missed ! .... a master cheese lover on a level par with Alvin and you might not be there !! ... na Understandable m8 .... hope you do make it though .... need that cheesy grin on the dancefloor :u:
  8. Think thats what I'll be doing aswell .... have an idea just need to fill a record box Be good to see ya down .... be good craic :u:
  9. A bit unsure as what to play ... keep changing my mind :whistling:
  10. Good stuff kris .... i know your time is limited atm so many thanks
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