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  1. 1st april will be a confusing day emotionally for me and kris, a year on for alvin, but 2 years together for us
  2. i know, almost a year, can't bring myself to change my msn even yet or my bebo thing
  3. erm, just caught on, u just decided i was driving there!!!!!
  4. lol, aye, no worries baker lol, defo wouldn't hear him sayin "stop partying"
  5. me and amanda were talking about this after she spoke to mark. if we could get about 5 or 6 really nice pics of him i'm gettin it printed in work with them all on the 1 pic and getting a nice frame, i can get them in work no probs and we're gonna call up in a few weeks to his mum and dad. so if there are any particularly good pics would u send them to me cuffy?
  6. i know i probably wouldnt be here, was ufo got me to sign up still totally shocked
  7. omg no. jesus, i really dunno what to say really just dont want to believe it RIP
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