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  1. Hey sorry to bother but have over 50 posts & wont let me download on the mix exchange page any help?

  2. just popped in to shite all down the side of your bog...hopefully it'll harden in and you'll have to scrape it away with a coathanger or summit...hardy har har

  3. ricky sort it out you ballroot

  4. I've been in your profile Coppereno & there's nothing you can do about it! lol

  5. Glad everybody enjoyed it & great work on the Tribute Mix Kris mate you did him proud,I'm sure Alvin had his glow sticks out up there no doubt RIP Alvin mate.
  6. That would be Si's handy work,looks quality :super:
  7. It only seems right that tonights NIOldskool Radio is dedicated to the memory of Alvin/Ufonix who if it was'nt for his passion of the music & scene he loved so much this site would'nt be here today. I will be playing a few of Alvins mixes & then Kris will be gracing the decks for a special live tribute mix of the hardcore & happy hardcore anthems Alvin loved the most. This ones for you mate so i hope your tuned in up there with a big cheeser on ye as always 7pm - 8pm ---> Ufonix - Euphoric Oldskool Hardcore 8pm - 8.45pm ---> Ufonix - Live @ MOAR 8.45 - Late ---> Just Kris - Live Ufonix Tribute Mix TUNE IN
  8. Thats so true Debs,there's still a good wee handfull of people on here i hav'nt met in person yet but i still feel like i know them pretty well as i speak to them & see them on here every day of my life even tho it's only a name on a board. I'm just glad i had the pleasure of meeting Alvin & had a chat with him even if it was only those few short times.
  9. Sorry to anybody who copied the vid to there Bebo Flash,i woke up this morning to find this in the flash box instead "This Video Has Been Removed For A Violation Of Terms Of Service" :thumbsdown: There is no reason why this video should have been removed & i think it's well out of order that they have done so without explaination considering the subject matter I have emailed them complaining & uploaded the video again folks ---> Ufonix Memory Video [bebo Flash]
  10. I don't want any praise for it I'm just glad i could do something special in his memory even if it is only small,as i said i only met him a few times but cuz of him being part & parcel of this board i feel like i knew him alot more
  11. Iv put together a small tribute video with photos supplied by Amanda & others,we will be putting together a Bebo page in Alvins memory in the coming days. Be warned this is VERY hard to watch & the tears were tripping me making it & I'm sure it will be alot worse for those of you that were very close to him I only met Alvin twice but i had a couple of decent convos with him & i think this vid shows him as i & I'm sure everybody else seen him,a very happy person always smiling with lots of friends that loved him dearly. I used one of Alvin's fav tracks "N Trance - Set You Free" as the soundtrack which Alvin also played first at MOAR so i found it fitting & i would like to think he's looking down with a smile on his face as he always had in life. RIP mate! Bebo Flash ---> Ufonix Memory Video [bebo Flash] HQ Download ---> Ufonix Memory Video [Right Click,Save As]
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