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  1. hello nipple welcome back after ure ban...

  2. well now you mention it..... i will get chattin harry the nose tonight and see about one of us driving. if one of us is driving i will keep you a spot as you drove to lisburn that time. i will let ye know :u: :u:
  3. you could share a double room in a b+b for that up there arls
  4. at 22.50 a head i canny see it mate. hate cunts who let bus runners down. i have been listening to the same pish for 10 years now
  5. not looking good to be honest. everyone who said they were going has pulled out. everyone saying they are drunk or spent out for a while after the weekend and monday. shame
  6. just looking numbers before anything solid is sorted.
  7. I will make every effort to tune into all of tonights show. Would it be possible to have it recorded for future reference?
  8. Hope your at peace now mate. See you up there
  9. looking at google maps i think you would be best to head for Randalstown then on to Magherafelt and finally on to Cookstown. tried to get a link to show but it didnt work. hope this helps mate
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