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  1. 9 years? Feck, gone but never forgotten.
  2. The very first one and it was on side B iv tried typing it into google but nothing comes up. its doing my head in haha.

  3. on your anthems in wonderland download could you please tell me what the last song is on side b as i have been looking for it everywhere thanks

  4. Definitely doesn't seemthat long RIP mate
  5. :galletos: No worries chick! It's there if needs be anyways, always handy!
  6. Lol cheers Sonya, I actually just finished uploading it for ya Ah well its a spare link if this one ever gives trouble
  7. Its unfortunate for whoever cant make it, looks like there is gonna be some turnout.. I was chattin to a mate who was sorry he missed the funeral, but his mate is running a 16 seater up to this... The place will be bunged!
  8. Thats a wonderful gesture Eddie, top stuff I seen ya at the funeral chattin with someone, and someone said "Eddies over there".. It didnt click with me until later on the road home that the "Eddie" was u oops!
  9. Nice one Kris, Was a great show, very fitting if somewhat really cheesy! Thanks for recording and uploading
  10. Thats a brilliant idea I'd be up for it, and if ya need a hand with gettin somethin organised just shout
  11. Away on here, was great to see so many tune in for so long. I'm sure Alvin is smiling as per usual, knowin there was a night of pure unadulterated cheese on the flow :) RIP fella
  12. Looks like it will be super, 100% will be in attendance Good work, and a completely fitting tribute. The cheese will be drippin from the speakers!!
  13. Tbh I think thats a nice idea, specially as noted it's not a profiteering thing. Nice thought Niall, and I'm sure under the circumstances it will be appreciated.
  14. Great to see so many tuned in Only prob.. keepin up with the whole shoutbox
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