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  1. Right guys firstly i must apologise, as its been a long long time since i`ve been on here. I`ve had lots of shit going on(although nowt in comparison to this) and have lost touch with several of the forums i used to go on. Secondly i must also apologise for bumping this thread up again but ive just come across this today by accident. I had absolutely no idea this had happened, So i wanted to leave my respects. Although I had never met alvin in person, I had spoken to him on the phone a couple of times and also used to chat on msn and via the forum. So i am truly shocked that i`ve discovered he is no longer with us. Although from the conversations that i did have with him it was very apparent that he was a really sound decent guy. So i just like to pass somewhat belated condolences on to all who knew him, and say RIP Alvin mate, you were a true gentleman. Dave, Digital Commandos.
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