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  1. Came across this the other day and havent seen it in here or the main d/loads section, so thought this would be a good place for it Brings back memories :egypt: [hide_me]http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?kmvndmzh5y5[/hide_me]
  2. Im not even gonna read all the posts here. Just seen the vid on bebo and Ricky, quality. Has 2 be said. So fitting. Brought a tear 2 my eye as it would 2 any1s and Alvin would be so proud
  3. Sorry I couldnt make the funeral mate. Didnt know you very well but from chatting on here and brief meeting at unity I could tell you were a top guy. Rest in piece Alvin, our thoughts are with you. Keep it oldskool where ever you may be
  4. Unfortunately I cant make the funeral but sending donation. May a busy month 4 me with time already booked off work so might not make the night but I hope all goes well
  5. :dito: As I said earlier I only met him once and from chattin 2 him on here u could tell he was a character and why so many will miss him. Such a moving thread
  6. Oh my god. Cant believe it. Just recently ive been wondering where he was cause I havent noticed him on the board. Im glad I got 2 meet him at Unity 2 and my deepest sympathy goes out 2 his family. R.I.P Mate. Deffo wont be forgotten
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