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  1. only seeing this now! Will be good to see you there chick! Thats excellent! Really looking forward to this night, im sure there will be a good turnout
  2. sorry sean lol forgot i asked you to do it!
  3. Ufonix Tribute Mix by Jordy Mcc Tracklisting to follow [hide_me] http://www.mediafire.com/?1o90w5adtpe [/hide_me]
  4. yes indeed you did they are lovely pics! radio has been great tonight..excellent to see so many tuned in to show support! we all <3 the cheese
  5. :dito: smiling all the time! touching video ricky.
  6. :dito: its heart breaking stuff. Still hasnt sunk in at all. As its been said it was a comfort to have such a strong board turnout today, it made it that bit easier. So glad that I got to meet you wee chum, thought the world of you. You'll be missed by so many xoxo
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