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  1. we're just wingin the b2b....could turn out sweet...could end up a disaster lol....ah well...all a bitta fun in aid of a good cause :dito: found some i forgot i had...crackers too :dancer:
  2. i've started the bebo skin....hopefully have it done tomorrow all bein well so will keep ya's posted :^^:
  3. sweet time for some bouncy bounce with a little bitta cheese thrown in....just the way Alvin woulda liked it
  4. sounds like a crackin idea lol @ "can non incrowders attend"
  5. :CAZex: really lookin forward to your set already m8...pump them out :23_30_116: :toot:
  6. :lol what's wrong with the cheese? think i might just keep it bouncy....dunno...will have to see
  7. excellent thought....somethin his brother would love to have
  8. sweet cheers for the slot feel really privileged to be playin at this...cheers again time to get the cheese out
  9. no no....actually gonna be busy tonite ffs....drivin and then a lot of stuff to sort in the house when I get back but hopefully get a munch on a slice from the box later on tonite :23_30_116:
  10. really gonna do my best to get tuned in tonite...know i've a busy nite ahead of me so i'll just have to see what happens....fingers crossed :eusa_pray:
  11. big big :dito: to that....excellent montage there ricky....don't think i ever saw him not smiling
  12. not far off it :lol think i might get a cheese filled mix done actually
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