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  1. He would have turned the big 3 0 today. A face sadly missed by many of us old skoolers. I so hope you are at peace m8
  2. Thats madness m8! Sort out something with some others on here be good to see you all
  3. Tell me about it m8, all comes down to cost though and I've flights home the week after booked already and Unity to plan for. Will be gutted esp after the last ones was cancelled, I had flights booked and paid for that and had to just drop them when it didnt happen which made it worse.
  4. Doubtful myself due to price of flights, have to travel over with my son the following week to stay with the relatives so have to make a decision v soon
  5. Super stuff! I will be checking flights as soon as I get back from Spain s For Alvin m8 that should read some bouncy, bounce with a LOT of cheese thrown in
  6. Nice to hear from you m8! He's a face missed indeed and won't be forgotten by many of us. Had such a smilar taste in music as myself which is one of the reasons we clicked so well. Im still raving away and flying the flag for hardcore and a bit of cheese whenever possible Stick around be good to hear from you
  7. Time does indeed go so quickly. A real waste of life but the fact remains that some of us will always remember and miss him, I will always hope where-ever he is he found peace. Gutted the memorial nite aint going ahead was looking forward to seeing everyone again and sharing memories, hopefully it will happen soon. RIP Alvin
  8. Some super pics there always good to see some new ones as well I hope you are at peace Alvin. You will be remembered by many of us m8.
  9. I'm annoyed my knowledge of Force & Styles is being questioned
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