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  1. always was a great mix!,always will be!,nice 1 man
  2. alvin would off liked that jonny!, its a great thing your doing mate!, we all miss him as a mate and i miss him as a great friend too me r.i.p alvin!, see use all @ plove
  3. Philip Bayne MY NEW CD!!,"DEDICATED TILL MY GOOD FRIEND."ALVIN UFONIX STEWART" A TRIBUTE MIX!. TRANCE! Ive done up a mix for my good friend alvin ufonix stewart R.I.P and thos who have knowin him well till download or listin too i think he would off liked it as he loved his trance and his oldskool,Even tho he always kept me goin i was never as good as him well the truth was i was never as good he out done me all the time on his oldskool sets becuase that is wot he loved and was good at,, So here it is my mix just for him till look down @ and say my oldskool and my mixing was better than yours philly,lol, "PHILIP.B" @TRANCE MIX VOL 1-Alvin Ufonix Stewart tribute mix! PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND LISTIN - Just click on the link below till download or listin!>>>> >>>>>> http://www40.zippyshare.com/v/23689803/file.html <<<<<< I HOPE YOU ENJOY AND TAKE TIME TILL DOWNLOAD IT THANK YOU R.I.P MY GOOD FRIEND
  4. yea m8 same as was nice meeting evry1 tho think thier was a few i never got till chat too as i was running around panicing,lol,Next time tho, Love the nyt and ea was great sets buy all,Very gud
  5. was a great wee nyt pitty thier wasent a better turn out for this tho but hey it still went well for every1,Bit weary at the start off the nyt wher thier was no cdjs,lol,But all worked out in the end with the help from myself,,Thanx till all who came defo will be gettin out with use all in the future,,, www.bebo.com/phillyb4 www.phillydafunk@hotmail.com
  6. Let the gud time roll,Im hopeing this shall be a great turn out for the cause,Alvin would be proud off us guys,Lets hope all goes well on the nyt..Lookinf forward till play for him, R.i.p alvin
  7. Yea words just cant decribe wot its like1, But hey im defo staying around still trying till get used and onto the new site wont take long tho,,,Will defo keep in touch peps,,Thanx
  8. He was the best mate i ever had,Missing him like mad,A year is over and past and still i cant say how much i do miss him,, And i think alot off use will agree with me he was a gud fella!,, Im doin it all for you now trying til get wher you wher and trying till go all the way in music,Tho ill never be as gud as you wher in the oldskool department,Think we always used till row over that 1 and see who was the best dj or best at the oldskool trance n house,lol,, You always wher on top off it tho,,, Missing you loads
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