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mrs storm


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O.K. then we'll go for it, I'll chat with Chris later and get a date, but no doubt it wont suite every one, but things like that cant be helped.




Cheers sean, well I will then. I'll pm ya later :CAZex:





And im sure you'd need them. Dont want the likes of yuu, lowering the tone of a perfectly peaceful street :moon:


We dont use wool, its pvc baker, and with a zip part at the mouth for the entering of cocks :icon_wave:


Thanks mufflers.


But go ahead and organise something, imo its what I want to do, it's my personal tribute to him seeing especially cause I couldnt make the funeral (which I took out on poor Chris, sorry love)


LMFAO :lol


Let me know when this is taking place, I love a good bbq and might even bring some fine gorgonzola and crackers :)

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